I am currently iOS developer. For me, it is much more than a job, it's a passion. I am constantly looking for new projects and ideas to create apps of qualities and implement the latest iOS technology.

Professional Experience

NSTX 2016


After being Freelance, I created my company to gather my own applications.
I spend most of my time to develop and update my own apps,however It is common for me to work for clients or company.

Lagardère 2012 - 2015

iOS Developer

Since joining Lagardère, I have contributed to the creation of new apps for most of the group's brands (Tele7, Audience, Première, Elle ...).
The goal is to create applications with the most optimal user experience.

Motricity 2011 - 2012

iOS Developer

While integrating the offices of Motricity France, I developed the application "Channel Touch", for the Canal+ group.
The application provides the subscribers with a live streaming service, a replay of the programs and an interactive remote to control the physical decoder from the iOS device

SamandDon Agency 2011

iOS Developer

SamandDon Agency was the starting point of my career, being an iOS development amateur, I created my first iPhone application that would reach the 8th place in the App Store only 72 hours after its release.

Epitech 2010 - 2011

Teaching Assistant (Astek)

During my training at Epitech I was also a teaching assistant for 1st and 2nd year students. My mission was to train students in the C language either theoretically or by organizing Practical Workshops.


Masters degree in Information Technology 2012


Epitech is built over the concept of project-based teaching. It a process of learning by doing by applying a series of concrete projects to assimilate programming concepts.


Lycée Janot (Sens)

This training allowed me to make my debut in programming while providing me with network management concepts and computer culture.

BAC STI 2007

Lycée Janot (Sens)

Bachelor's degree in Electronics engineering with honors



English Level : 805 TOEIC

Apple Event : WWDC 2017 @ San José - Tech Talk iOS7 @ Berlin